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Growing up on a working farm in South-Western Ontario enhanced my connection to the Earth. I grew to love, respect and hear its rhythm. I had first-hand experience with the power of Mother Nature-its destructive ways and its unequivocal beauty. 


I graduated in 2000 from the University of Guelph with my Bachelor of Landscape Architecture. I obtained my professional stamp with the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects 2 years later and became a member of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects the same year. Before branching out on my own, I was fortunate to work with two of Eastern-Canada's most well-known and respected landscape architects: Stuart Webster from Montreal for 5 years and Mark Hartley from Toronto for 6 years.


I am a personable designer that will work with each client from the starting point of design, through the construction and until the final touches have been made. Let me personally be your guide through this process knowing that I have your best interest in mind. 


Let me connect you back to nature by creating a landscape that will encourage you to spend time outside. I truly believe when you spend time outdoors or even looking at your landscape, you will begin to notice just how connected you were from the start-from the sound of the wind, to the sight of billowing grasses to the sweet scent of lavender, you will pause and reflect on its magic as I do each day.   


I look forward to meeting with you,


Warmest regards,





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